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I think I may end up sorry

I think I may end up sorry I took the German class. The thing is, driving from home to Fremont during rush hour, especially in the rain like it was last night, is somewhere between stressful and harrowing, and then since the lot at the language school is so tiny there s the matter of driving around Fremont for parking, never a good bet at any time of day, and then I get righteously angry at the language school for providing so few parking places (and, in case I do snag one, additionally angry on account of how tiny and narrow they are especially when they are filled with SUVs which oh but yes they tend to be) when they know how bad Fremont is, and sheepishly angry with myself for not having investigated this aspect of the classes taking before I signed up and then, running late and stressed out and filled with useless anger, I have to go sit down at a table that s in an alcove, not even in a room of its own so it will get noisy when the students begin to arrive for the next class period and then I will get angry again with the school for not having a lobby, this isn t Manhattan, people, and I sit down at the table in the alcove and instead of doing what to me would be learning German I have to engage in these ridiculous dialogues pretending that I am a Schriftstellerin vom Hamburg who kommt aus Belgien and whose Postleitzahl is 22047 well, all of this is not a constituent element of the good life, as far as I m concerned. I was whining about the indignity of the dialogue last night when I got home, and Steve shut me up with seven withering words: “That s all people talk about in Germany.” OK, fair enough.

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